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March 28, 2012

a book, an all-nighter, and more

First and foremost, I would like to warn you that I had very little sleep due to finishing this book. So, if there are any typos or rambling nonsense as the post progresses, I do apologize. HOWEVER, I do not regret a single minute spent on finishing it.

(some spoilers)

I rang in the new year by reading one of my new favorite books XVI by Julia Karr (follow me to that review). I was super stoked to see Truth arrive for cataloging and finally decided to take it home to read it. It took a few days to get through half due to no time, but last night I finished with my heart beating fast as I longed for more! At the beginning I worried I would be reading another sequel that falls short, but Karr never let me down! Basically, the series shows the affects of the media and attacks the oversexualization of teenagers. And it's done perfectly!

Now on to Truth:

From Goodreads:
In this sequel to "XVI," Nina Oberon's life has changed enormously. After her mother was killed, Nina discovered the truth about her father, the leader of the Resistance. And now she sports the same Governing Council-ordered tattoo of XVI on her wrist that all 16-year-old girls have. But Nina won't be anyone's stereotype. Original.
My review:
Nina remains a strong character, although sometimes its pure naiveity (BOSS headquarters and Lessig - jeeze how could she not catch on?!). In this book, she is stuck making more choices than in XVI where she is swept away with the flood of her parents' choices. Faced with the same choice as her father, what will she choose - the Resistance or family? With Sal away on more NonCon missions, will their love prove true? Or is there another love in store for her?
Dee's character is seriously developed throughout the middle to end chapters. I must say, bravo Julia! This was a pleasant surprise. I can only assume she plays a bigger role in the third book. Hopefully she'll discover the truth about everything. Karr has developed her just enough to handle most of it. I don't want to give away too much, so I'll stop here.

Are you ready to pick up the book yet? I sure hope so! Karr has done a wonderful job of combining dystopian fiction with action and romance!

Thankfully Ms. Karr is keeping us up-to-date with Nina by posting Nina's diary here. I'm anxiously awaiting the release (heck, even details) of the upcoming third book. You can count on there being a review whenever that happens.

In other news,
I want to quickly touch on a different novel - The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Now, don't discount it because of the Twilight hype. I proudly admit that The Host is one of my all-time favorites! It is also being made into movie to be released in 2013. Watch it here.

So, you're done watching it? Good, what did you think?

Farewell, my darlings :)
March 20, 2012

Much apologies

I owe so many apologies to everyone for being MIA these past few weeks. I've made no time to read and am missing it greatly! Hopefully this week I'll be posting about a book I will hopefully have read.


The Cage (ebook) by Jacci Turner  - sent by Flamingnet last month.
Truth by Julia Karr - the sequel to XVI - one of my favorites! Read about it here!

If i finish these both this week, then I'll be caught up on my 2012 Challenge with one left for the March.

Looks like I need to get busy!


Just received a package (literally, as I started this post, the package arrived!) of two of our YA Lease Books. Soon to be on the shelf:

 Keep a lookout for these this week! Also, look for more new titles available as part of our YA Lease program!

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IT WAS AMAZING!!!! You should be at the book store right now buying it! :)
I really liked it. You should def check it out and give it a shot
It was ok. At least read the synopsis on the back.
Eh....It was alright. It's borrow from a friend material.
Leave it on the shelf!!


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